Poor Oral Health Linked to Frailty

It has long been established that healthy gums and strong teeth go a long way toward preserving well-being. Recently, this association was clearly demonstrated by a study that found that tooth loss, gum disease, tooth decay, and dry mouth may be linked with increased risks of frailty in older adults, especially men. “Frailty” is a medical term used to describe becoming weak and more vulnerable to declining health or the inability to perform daily activities. It is often assessed based on having at least three of the following symptoms: exhaustion, weak grip strength, slow walking speed, weight loss, or low levels of physical activity. Good oral health ensures the ability to adhere to a nutritious diet, which builds strength.

To maintain good dental hygiene and a healthy smile, it is essential to take the necessary steps to prevent both tooth decay and periodontal disease. This includes a healthy diet, conscientious brushing and flossing, and periodic professional cleanings and exams. Research repeatedly demonstrates that those people who own better dental health live longer, stay healthier longer, and enjoy a better life. If you’d like to maximize your oral health, thereby enhancing every day of your life, why not call us at West Brookfield Dental, 508.867.2777, for an appointment? We’re located at 9 West Main St., West Brookfield.

P.S. If you find it difficult to bite into an apple, schedule an appointment with the dentist for a dental evaluation.


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