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We’d all like to think that health problems can be solved simply by taking a pill, and some actually are. As far as taking a pill to prevent tooth decay is concerned, researchers may have taken the first step in developing a viable treatment. This research revolves around the discovery of a previously unidentified strain

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Inflammation has been likened to fire  in that it is a smoldering process that has the potential to injure tissues, joints, and blood vessels.  “Acute inflammation” helps the body deal with injury and disease by introducing white blood cells that surround the injured or diseased area and fight off invaders that might cause infection. This

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When a tooth is missing or so damaged that it requires extensive repair, a dental crown is the restoration of choice. Also known as a “cap,”  this type of cosmetic restoration has the longest life expectancy of all others. When cemented in place, a crown completely encapsulates the remaining portion of tooth and fully restores

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 16 million people living in this country with a smoking-related illness. Because more than three-quarters of cases of oral cancer are thought to be linked to smoking, researchers sought to find out why. There are approximately 600 species of bacteria in the human mouth.

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