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If you’ve noticed notches in the enamel of your teeth at the point along which the gums meet the tooth (known as the “gingival margin”), you likely have a form of tooth loss known as “abfraction.” This loss of tooth structure is not caused by decay. Instead, it can be traced to forces exerted on the

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Overly Selfie Conscious

As a consequence of looking at images that they have taken of themselves with cell phones, some people are scheduling appointments with their dentists for cosmetic work. This self-perceived problem stems from the fact that “selfies” are taken at close distance, which produces a distorted image of their teeth. As a result, the front top

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If you wake up with a dry mouth, you may be breathing through your mouth while you sleep. If so, you should know that nighttime mouth-breathing has been linked with an increased risk of dental erosion and tooth decay. The problem is that breathing through your mouth dries up saliva, which plays a vital role

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