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Eat Your Broccoli

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed annually. Unfortunately, because the 5-year survival rate of these cancers is about 50%, there are also 8,000 deaths attributed to oral cancer each year. However, recent research shows that such cruciferous vegetables as broccoli, cabbage, and garden

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A Soft Touch

When purchasing a toothbrush, choose one with soft bristles that have rounded ends. Hard bristles can wear away enamel, as can a “death grip” on your toothbrush that leads you to exert too much pressure on tooth enamel, which abrades teeth. With this in mind, use a light touch when brushing. If the bristles become

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An American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey indicates that 99.7% of adults believe that a smile is an important social asset, which helps explain why tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. Professional tooth whitening is particularly effective because dentists are permitted to use hydrogen peroxide at the 6% legal limit.

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If you ever have received a prosthetic joint implant, you may be aware that implant patients have been advised to take antibiotics prior to undergoing a dental procedure. This recommendation has been made to prevent “bacterial endocarditis,” a life-threatening heart infection. The antibiotics prevent bacteria from being released into the bloodstream during a dental procedure

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If you are concerned about exposure to radiation from dental x-rays, you should know that a routine exam, which includes four  bitewing x-rays, is equivalent to less than one day of natural background radiation or a short plane trip (1-2 hours). By properly shielding patients’ bodies while taking x-rays, the radiation exposure is even lower.

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