Are Dental Implants Superior to Natural Teeth?

a closeup of a smile with a dental implantWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are often heralded as the ultimate solution—these incredible, ingenious posts offer unmatched durability and stability for a patient looking to rebuild their smile and fully reestablish its functionality and beauty. That said, are dental implants actually stronger and objectively better than your natural teeth? Here’s what your dentist wants you to know!

How Do Dental Implants Differ from Natural Teeth?

Your pearly whites aren’t the same all the way through; they have different layers with varying constitutions. The outermost layer, known as the enamel, is remarkably strong—in fact, it’s technically the hardest substance in your body. Underneath the enamel is the dentin layer, which is much softer; and within that is the pulp of the tooth. Extending down are the roots, which link with the jawbone and provide it with natural, healthy stimulation that encourages it to remain full. Unfortunately, every single part of a tooth is capable of sustaining damage, which means that if you aren’t careful, you could very well end up with weakened or lost teeth that need to be replaced.

Luckily, dental implants are designed with this in mind—so their parts are durable and built to withstand all of the pressure exerted by your jaw. The implant consists of a biocompatible post (usually made from titanium) that can safely merge with the jawbone itself. This post functions as the makeshift roots of the teeth and provides the jaw with healthy stimulation. On top of the post, a durable, lifelike restoration is placed to act as the chewing surface. It will look and feel completely natural and is impervious to many of the issues that affect your natural teeth, such as decay.

Will Dental Implants Provide Any Unique Oral Health Benefits?

Dental implants don’t just fill the voids left by missing teeth and restore oral functionality—they grant patients access to many unique benefits that other tooth restorations simply cannot offer, such as:

  • Unmatched Durability – Dental implants are highly unlikely to crack or break, are resistant to decay, and can potentially last for decades under ideal circumstances.
  • Jawbone Stability – Since they act as the roots of your teeth, they encourage your jaw to remain full which in turn supports your facial structure.
  • No Dietary Restrictions – Dental implants allow patients to enjoy all of their favorite foods, no matter how difficult they are to chew.
  • Easy Maintenance – Dental implants don’t require any specialized cleaning solutions and are relatively easy to care for since you can brush them just like your natural teeth.

In any and all cases, it’s preferable to retain healthy natural teeth throughout your life—after all, they’re the absolute best tools in your kit for biting and chewing food, despite how great implants are. But if you’re unfortunate enough to lose one or more of your pearly whites, you should know that dental implants are virtually the next best thing!

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