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Blinded By the White

As sales of tooth-whitening products in the United States have risen by 300 percent since 1996, Americans’ desire for pearly whites goes unabated. However, there has been a downside to this fondness for white teeth that leads increasing numbers of women in particular to become so obsessed with tooth-whitening that it has become an integral part of

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Brux of the Matter

Grinding one’s teeth at night (“bruxism”) not only produces a disconcerting noise for anyone within earshot, but it also wears down tooth enamel. On top of that, bruxism may lead to shifting of teeth and weakening of underlying bone to the point where it can contribute to periodontal (gum) disease. To prevent these adverse effects, the dentist

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Reported Missing

Missing teeth is one of the most common developmental problems in children, with permanent teeth being more likely to be among the missing than primary teeth. This inherited tendency often involves lateral incisors, second premolars, and third molars. When a missing tooth creates a gap in the dental arch, not only does this present a problem in terms

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