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Sensitive Subject

Tooth Sensitivity can be triggered by hot or cold foods and liquids or merely by breathing in cold air. The sudden, sharp pain associated with these activities is due to the involvement of nerve endings in one or more teeth. Sometimes, receding gums expose the soft “dentin” layer, which is below the enamel and encapsulates

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The Future of Root Canal Treatment

Fifteen million “root canal” procedures are performed in this country annually. These procedures are undertaken when a tooth’s nerve becomes infected or the pulp (the soft material inside the tooth) becomes damaged and bacteria in the pulp chamber cause an infection or abscess. The goal is to preserve the tooth by removing the pulp, the

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Filling in the Missing Pieces

Tooth loss resulting from accidents, gum disease, unsuccessful root canal treatment, or decay necessitates treatment to restore chewing/biting ability and prevent adjacent teeth from moving into spaces left by missing teeth. While dentures and fixed bridgework used to be the most popular options, dental implants have been gaining ground largely because they look, feel, and

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Pity the Poor Prehistoric Patient

Today, we usually take it for granted that having a cavity filled at the dentist’s office is a relatively quick, painless, and effective means of keeping tooth decay in check and preserving overall health. However, it certainly wasn’t always that way. When scientists recently examined the 14,000-year-old skeleton of a caveman, who was discovered by

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