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If you neglect your oral health to the point where you develop gum disease, you are placing more than your teeth and gums in jeopardy. Aside from developing the bleeding gums characteristic of “gingivitis” (gum inflammation), research shows that your immune system will become compromised. As a result, white blood cells (which fight off infection)

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Learning The Ropes

There are numerous kinds of floss from which to choose in order to meet your flossing needs. While unwaxed floss is best for closely spaced teeth, waxed floss is more resistant to breaking but more difficult to use in tight spaces. For cleaning between teeth that are loosely spaced, dental tape (waxed or unwaxed) is

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Fluoride Treatment

Children are not the only ones who stand to benefit from fluoride treatment. When demineralization of the tooth enamel occurs due to the destructive work of bacterial acids in plaque, fluoride can reverse the process and “remineralize” the enamel and arrest tooth decay. Moreover, menopausal women, who tend to lose bone density, should note that

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Whether dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and veneers are supported by natural teeth or implants, they require lifelong care. Newly revised guidelines recommend that patients with dental restorations visit their dentists at least every six months so that the dentist and/or hygienist can clean, adjust, repair, or replace their restorations. The dental team can

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