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f gum disease is allowed to occur and progress from its mildest form (“gingivitis”) to its most severe form (“periodontitis”), it will lead to inflammation, bleeding, and even tooth loss (by destroying the bone that supports the teeth). Of course, the best way to avoid tooth loss associated with gum disease is to floss and

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No one likes bad breath, which is good reason to schedule regular dental cleanings and examinations. These provide opportunities for the dentist and hygienist to check for gum disease, which can cause bad breath. At the same time, it’s important to note that a number of medical conditions can also be responsible. Dry mouth, sinus

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A comprehensive dental exam goes far beyond looking for signs of tooth decay. It’s also necessary to take a complete medical history to alert the dentist to health conditions and/or medications that may affect future oral health and dental treatments. The dentist or hygienist will want to assess the health of the gums as well,

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Brushing Up on Your Technique

While many people have been led to believe that they should brush their teeth with up-and-down motions, the proper way to brush is actually in circular motions. Not only does this way of brushing get tooth surfaces clean, but it also massages and stimulates the margins of the gums. For individuals with crooked teeth, it

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Harmful Habits

Consuming sports drinks, fruit juices, and carbonated beverages that are high in sugar content is not the only habit that can threaten the health of your teeth. Habits involving chewing on pencils and ice can also cause teeth to crack. If this absentminded chomping on inappropriate objects irritates the soft tissue inside a tooth (pulp), sharp

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