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Recession Worries

Receding gums, known as “gingival recession,” is a common condition that occurs when the gum tissue that normally surrounds the tooth pulls back and exposes the tooth root. If the recession goes untreated and becomes severe, there is increased risk that the exposed tooth root will become decayed and/or infected. If gum recession is caused

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New Hope for Natural Tooth Repair

A team of researchers recently discovered that an Alzheimer’s drug has the ability to stimulate the renewal of living stem cells in tooth pulp, thereby paving the way for natural tooth repair. “Dentin,” the primary component of teeth, is the bone-like substance that surrounds the tooth pulp and provides support for the overlying layer of

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Caring for Dentures

While dentures are not subject to decay, they do accumulate plaque, tartar, and stains. With this in mind, it is important to care for dentures much the same way natural teeth are cared for (except dentures are cleaned outside the mouth). This entails brushing dentures with a non-abrasive cleanser  at least once a day. They

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When researchers recently searched the Internet to find what constitutes a perfect smile, using terms such as “best smile” or “ideal smile” and “celebrities” or “Hollywood,” they selected 32 pictures of famous men and 62 images of famous women. They then compared the celebrity pictures with photographs of 200 dental students using computer software that

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