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Dangers of Cigar Smoking

While tobacco products pose a known risk for oral cancer and other types of cancer and disease, cigars are often regarded as being safer than cigarettes. After all, cigarettes are packaged with a warning label while cigars are more ceremoniously wrapped, packaged, and smoked. However, the National Institutes of Health reveals that a cigar emits as

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Timing May Be Everything

Not only is it important to brush and floss daily, but it is also necessary to brush and floss at the right times. For instance, it is sometimes better to brush and floss before breakfast than after. Brushing before eating removes plaque that would otherwise interact with food sugars to produce enamel-eating acids. However, drinking

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Pregnancy Gingivitis

It is strongly suggested that pregnant women schedule a prenatal visit with the dentist since hormonal changes related to pregnancy make women particularly prone to gum disease (gingivitis). Women who already have gingivitis  will likely find that their gums will become increasingly more inflamed, especially  if they do not receive treatment.  It should also be

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Diabetes and Gum Disease

Gum disease is an unexpected complication of diabetes. If left untreated, “gingivitis” (inflammation of the gums) can progress to “periodontitis,” at which point the gums pull away from the teeth to form deepening pockets that collect bacteria and threaten the health of teeth and underlying bone. These gum problems largely stem from the fact that those

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Driven to Extraction

While the dentist’s primary objective is to preserve teeth, some conditions and circumstances dictate that a tooth must be extracted. Causes include infection, crowding, and impaction. Whatever the reason, for a simple extraction, the area is numbed with a local anesthetic beforehand. After the extraction, the initial healing period typically takes one to two weeks.

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Patches of White

When white patches appear on the tongue or inner cheek, it may be an indication of a “thrush” infection caused by the candida fungus (yeast). While small amounts of the candida fungus are present in the mouths, digestive tracts, and skin of most healthy individuals, they are normally kept in check by other microorganisms and

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