Guard Against Facial Injury

Along with sports eye-wear, helmets, and face masks, the American Dental Association strongly advises athletes to wear mouth guards that protect against facial injuries. At the very least, the “boil and bite” mouth guards available at pharmacies, which are made out of thermoplastic resins that can be shaped by the tongue and fingers, offer some degree of protection. Stock “fitted” mouth guards are ready-made mouth protectors available at sports stores. Because they cannot be adjusted, wearers may experience breathing difficulties that discourage their use. Finally, the dentist can provide custom-fitted mouth guards that are fitted to the wearer’s unique dental anatomy. These high-quality devices offer superior fit and comfort, based on thickness, height, and other wearer preferences.

At West Brookfield Dental, We dedicate ourselves to keeping our patients out of the dental chair with our focus on prevention. We provide the highest quality of preventive care services so that you’ll spend less time in treatment and more time enjoying your healthy smile. We offer complete general dental care, from promoting the use of mouth guards, to periodic cleanings, to full mouth reconstruction, to repair of any damage done by neglect or trauma. We also provide cosmetic dentistry for the sunniest smiles possible. Call us, 508.867.2777, for an appointment at 9 West Main St., West Brookfield.

P.S. While mouth guards are typically worn over the upper teeth, if you wear a fixed dental appliance on your lower jaw, the dentist can make a mouth guard for the lower teeth as well.


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