Material Differences in Implants

While titanium has been the traditional material of choice for dental implants, patients also have the option of a non-metal tooth-root replacement. Like its titanium counterpart, a “zirconia” dental implant is biocompatible, enabling it to be embedded in the jawbone, with which it bonds directly through a process known as “osseointegration.” Unlike a titanium dental implant, which consists of the implant and the “abutment” (to which the prosthetic tooth is attached), a zirconia dental implant is of one piece (combining the implant and the abutment). Zirconia itself is a crystal material that is best known for its likeness to diamond. While both implant materials are biocompatible, FDA approved, and considered safe, zirconia is for those who prefer a non-metal material.

Wouldn’t you like to bite into a sandwich knowing your dentures won’t slip? Go to sleep each night without removing your teeth? Smile with confidence? Implants may be the answer for you. Implants are an exciting tooth-replacement option that has changed the lives of many people. In fact, more than a million have been placed in North America alone. Are they for you? We welcome your call at West Brookfield Dental for a consultation about your future smiles. You can reach us at 508.867.2777, 9 West Main St., West Brookfield.

P.S. Because a titanium dental implant comes in two pieces, it allows for more control over a few elements of the entire tooth-replacement process than a one-piece zirconia implant does.


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