The term “gum recession” refers to the process in which the margin of gingival (gum) tissue surrounding each tooth pulls back or wears away. As a result, “pockets” (gaps) develop around teeth that can trap the bacteria that threaten tooth and bone health. At the very least, anything more than mild recession of the gingiva results in greater tooth-root sensitivity to hot and cold, as well as an unsightly appearance. To remedy these functional and cosmetic problems, a gingival graft may be sutured in place around the tooth to replenish any deficiency. The graft consists of a thin piece of tissue taken from the roof of the mouth or from adjacent gums. The results are both permanent and highly effective.

P.S. Aside from gum disease, gum recession can be caused by overly aggressive brushing, hormonal changes, smoking, grinding teeth, or a misaligned bite.


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