Learning The Ropes

There are numerous kinds of floss from which to choose in order to meet your flossing needs. While unwaxed floss is best for closely spaced teeth, waxed floss is more resistant to breaking but more difficult to use in tight spaces. For cleaning between teeth that are loosely spaced, dental tape (waxed or unwaxed) is a good choice because it is broader and flatter than traditional floss. Yarn-like “super floss” is stiff enough to be threaded through implants, bridges, and other dental restorations. If you have difficulty holding floss and/or fitting your fingers into your mouth, try using the Y-shaped plastic tool known as a floss holder, which holds a length of floss between two prongs.

P.S. In addition to dental floss, small spiral brushes known as “interproximal brushes” clean gaps between teeth and around prosthetic restorations. “Irrigation devices” send pulsating streams of water between teeth to flush out debris.


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