An Interesting Connection

As numerous studies have confirmed, good oral health is linked to good overall health. A recent example of this connection comes from a study involving 1,566 seniors, 180 of whom had developed some type of dementia. Researchers found that those with 10 to 19 remaining teeth had a 62% greater risk of dementia than those with 20 or more teeth. Those with no teeth (a condition known as edentulism) had an even greater risk (63%), a finding that can likely be attributed to the fact that few of the study participants had no teeth. Previous studies have shown that having few or no teeth can lead to a poor diet, which is associated with an increased risk of dementia.

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P.S. While the study above does not confirm a direct cause-and-effect relationship between tooth loss and dementia, there are other very good reasons to avoid tooth loss and gum disease.


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