Treatment for “Long” Teeth

The term “long in the tooth” refers to age-related gum recession, which makes the crowns of older persons’ teeth look longer. Fortunately, there is a simple cure for receding gums, which reduces tooth sensitivity, the incidence of tooth decay, the potential for underlying bone loss, and tooth loss. A “gum graft” involves harvesting tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth and stitching it to the gum tissue surrounding the tooth with the exposed root. While the discomfort produced on the roof of the mouth can be similar to the experience of a “pizza burn,” it is temporary and can be managed with pain medication. In time, the transplanted gum tissue heals and provides the exposed root with necessary protection.

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P.S. Gum-contouring surgery reshapes and sculpts gum tissue that is too high on the teeth, which creates the appearance of a “gummy smile.”


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