The term “toothbrush abrasion” refers to brushing one’s teeth so vigorously that tooth enamel becomes damaged and gums recede. This overly energetic brushing leads to thinning enamel and exposed roots that become overly sensitive to hot and cold foods and drink. Avoiding this potential problem begins with selecting a toothbrush with soft bristles that flex enough to get into the gum margin without hurting delicate gum tissue. It should also be pointed out that cavity-causing plaque is a soft, loose film that can be removed from tooth surfaces without hard scrubbing. With this in mind, care should be taken not to scrub one’s teeth as if scrubbing a grouted tile surface. Teeth should be brushed with a gentle up-and-down motion.

Carefully performed home oral hygiene can be the deciding factor in keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. At West Brookfield Dental, We’ll be happy to demonstrate good brushing and flossing techniques as well as inform you about products that we know will help you maintain a healthy smile between routine dental checkups. For an appointment for family dental care, please Call us at 508.867.2777. Our full service dental office is conveniently located at 9 West Main St., West Brookfield.

P.S. If your toothbrush looks frayed after only a few weeks of use, it is likely a sign that you are brushing your teeth too forcefully.


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