New Hope for Natural Tooth Repair

A team of researchers recently discovered that an Alzheimer’s drug has the ability to stimulate the renewal of living stem cells in tooth pulp, thereby paving the way for natural tooth repair. “Dentin,” the primary component of teeth, is the bone-like substance that surrounds the tooth pulp and provides support for the overlying layer of enamel. Researchers found that applying a small amount of the substance called “Tideglusib” (which had been previously used to treat neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease) to a cavity, it promoted the growth of dentin. It is hoped that this natural treatment can be used in the future to reduce the size of the fillings now necessary for large cavities.

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P.S. When the soft pulp (which is at the center of a tooth and contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and large nerves) becomes exposed due to trauma or decay, the body produces a layer of dentin to seal it and protect it from infection.


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