Harmful Habits

Consuming sports drinks, fruit juices, and carbonated beverages that are high in sugar content is not the only habit that can threaten the health of your teeth. Habits involving chewing on pencils and ice can also cause teeth to crack. If this absentminded chomping on inappropriate objects irritates the soft tissue inside a tooth (pulp), sharp or lingering toothaches triggered by eating hot or cold foods and drinks may follow. With this in mind, it is potentially equally harmful to use your teeth to open bottles or plastic packaging. Teeth should never be used in place of scissors, razors, bottle openers, and other tools. Misusing teeth for anything other than their intended purposes invites damage, which may prove costly.

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P.S. Always floss (or use a toothpick) after eating potato chips; raisins; and other sticky, sugary, or starchy foods.


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