Filling in the Missing Pieces

Tooth loss resulting from accidents, gum disease, unsuccessful root canal treatment, or decay necessitates treatment to restore chewing/biting ability and prevent adjacent teeth from moving into spaces left by missing teeth. While dentures and fixed bridgework used to be the most popular options, dental implants have been gaining ground largely because they look, feel, and act like real teeth. Unlike bridges, dental implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support, which helps to protect them from damage. Unlike dentures, implants do not cause unwanted clicking noises or chewing difficulties, nor do they lead to the bone loss that is often associated with denture wear. Implants may take longer and cost more, but most patients think they are worth it.

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P.S. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 26 percent of adults have lost all their permanent teeth by age 74.


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