Do Veneers Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

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When it comes to improving your smile, you have plenty of cosmetic services to choose from these days. However, none are as comprehensive as veneers! This popular treatment can redesign the shape, size, color, and overall appearance of one or more teeth. However, to make sure these shells of dental porcelain lay flush with the rest of your smile, a thin layer of enamel needs to be removed. Upon hearing this, you may wonder “Do veneers cause tooth sensitivity?” The answer may surprise you! Read on to find out just how comfortable it is to improve your smile with veneers.

Does It Hurt to Get Veneers?

Although enamel removal may seem daunting, you have nothing to worry about when preparing to get your veneers. Only a very thin layer needs to be filed away, about as thick as a contact lens. This is such a small amount that most patients likely wouldn’t need any local anesthetic at all, but your cosmetic dentist will almost certainly numb your teeth beforehand anyways to ensure your comfort. Thanks to these factors, having your teeth prepared for veneers and then later having your veneers placed should be virtually painless.

Veneers & Tooth Sensitivity

Slight tooth sensitivity is likely to occur after practically any dental treatment, from simple cleanings or fillings to more involved gum disease treatment or crown placement. Veneers are no exception in this case. However, you can expect your tooth sensitivity to be easy to manage at home, and it should fade on its own completely after a few days. This is thanks to how the veneers completely cover the front portion of a tooth. They fully conceal the area where enamel has been removed, effectively shielding them from the irritations that would otherwise cause sharp sensitivity. Your teeth will need a little bit of time to adjust to your new veneers, but you’ll be feeling comfortable once again in no time.

How to Manage Sensitive Teeth

As you wait for your teeth to adjust to your veneers, you should easily be able to manage any tooth sensitivity you experience by:

  • Avoiding very hot, cold, sweet, spicy, or acidic foods or beverages
  • Rinsing your mouth out gently with water
  • Practicing great oral hygiene daily
  • Asking your dentist about using a specialized desensitizing toothpaste or mouthwash
  • Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever as instructed if needed

If your tooth sensitivity continues to bother you, or if it doesn’t seem to be going away, don’t hesitate to call your cosmetic dentist. They’ll evaluate the root cause of your discomfort and the best way to treat it. Overall, perfecting your smile with veneers should be an easy and comfortable process!

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