Chew Your Food

Most mothers have told their children not to gobble down their food and eat it more slowly. As it turns out, this piece of advice is as wise as almost every other bit of guidance that mothers give their children. Chewing food completely (try ten times per bite) not only helps with digestion and nutrient absorption, but it may also help protect against infection. Researchers recently found that chewing food (known as “mastication”) can stimulate the release of “T helper 17” (Th17) cells in the mouth, which fight off harmful bacteria. However, too many Th17 cells can be counterproductive to the health of the gums. Researchers hope to find a healthy balance that might someday lead to reduced infection.

Your child’s first dental visit should take place after the first tooth appears, but no later than the first birthday. Why so early? As soon as your baby has teeth, he or she can get cavities. Being proactive about your child’s dental health today can help keep his or her smile healthy for life. To schedule an appointment, please call West Brookfield Dental at 508-867-2777. We offer early morning and early evening appointments to serve your busy schedule. Our office is located at 9 West Main St., West Brookfield.

P.S. Because it takes approximately 20-25 minutes for the hormones in your body to reach your brain to tell you that you are full, eating slowly helps prevent overeating.


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