Blinded By the White

As sales of tooth-whitening products in the United States have risen by 300 percent since 1996, Americans’ desire for pearly whites goes unabated. However, there has been a downside to this fondness for white teeth that leads increasing numbers of women in particular to become so obsessed with tooth-whitening that it has become an integral part of their daily beauty routine. This overuse of over-the-counter tooth-whitening products (known as “bleachorexia”) leads to sensitive/painful teeth, swollen gums, and eroded enamel. In some cases, bleachorexics use high-concentration bleaches and/or dental trays that do not properly protect their gums. These unsafe and unhealthy practices contrast with the safety and effectiveness of tooth-whitening procedures and products provided in the professional dental office.

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P.S. There is a point after which tooth-whitening agents no longer exert a whitening effect and they begin to degrade tooth enamel.


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