A Real Snore

While snoring used to be regarded as nothing more than a noisy habit, it’s now known that snoring may be a symptom of a potentially unhealthy sleep problem. “Sleep apnea” has been linked to high blood pressure and heart problems. Snoring is a sign of a narrowed space either in the nasal passages or at the back of the throat caused by excess throat/nasal tissue or vibrating floppy tissue. While this problem may be addressed with “laser-assisted uvuloplasty,” which involves shortening the hanging piece of tissue at the back of the throat (uvula), more conservative treatments should be tried first. One potentially effective option involves wearing a mouth appliance that pulls the jaw slightly forward, thereby opening the upper airway.

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P.S. While store-bought one-size-fits-all anti-snoring appliances may be less expensive, anti-snoring mouth appliances made by the dentist fit better and are more likely to be effective.


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